Vista Film Programming provides an integrated environment to manage films and the planning, booking and creation of show-time schedules at the theatre. Film Programming integrates with Vista Head Office, or it can run with 3rd party film management applications.

Vista film programming features include:

  1. High level planning charts are available at a planning group or cinema level
  2. On screen distributor release charts
  3. Historical Box office available online from the planning process
  4. Integration to Film Hire available online - policies and terms can be viewed and set from the planning process
  5. Holdover process for defining the new play week
  6. "Real time" send of holdover sheets and schedules to the theatre
  7. Trailer sheets can be maintained for theatres
  8. Ability to view theatre schedules online from Head Office
  9. Various reports produced including competitive position charts, circuit sheets holdover instructions, and schedule reports

Vista Film Programming will save time in the construction of show-time schedules, and minimise the error rates that occur in communication between the film department and the theatre.

Vista Film Programming integrates completely with Vista Head Office or can run in a standalone mode.