The Vista Point of Sale is an integrated ticketing and concessions sales system.

Vista POS features include:

  • 1.Touch screen mode of operation, with optional keyboard or mouse interface
  • 2.Security available for specified functions
  • 3.Full movie and session information available online
  • 4.Management of house and special seating (e.g. wheelchair)
  • 5.Supports unpaid phone reservations
  • 6.Fully configurable ticketing and concessions screen
  • 7.Credit/debit card integration
  • 8.Supports multiple payment types
  • 9.Coupon and voucher scanning enabled
  • 10.Integrated cash drawer, customer display and electronic scales
  • 11.Group ticket functions
  • 12.Ticket types and pricing groups can be defined by multiple users
  • 13.Rapid movement between ticket and concession selling
  • 14.Full refund functionality
  • 15.Cash drops with receipts for mid-shift banking
  • 16.Printed shift summaries available at Point of Sale
  • 17.Coloured graphical display for ease of use
  • 18.Reserved or open seating option.
  • 19.Multiple Points of Sale are able to sell down to the last seat.
  • 20.Functions as a pick-up point for bookings made by IVR, Web, Call Centre and 3rd Party Agencies.
  • 21.Can operate as a kitchen preparation monitor.

Vista's flexible design enables Point of Sale to function as a single selling point for either tickets or concessions as well as a mixed selling point for both.

The introduction of an integrated Point of Sale has created a simpler, more attractive environment for customers. At the same time, queuing time is reduced and customer spend per head is increased.

Check out Vista Staff Management to see how Vista can save you money on staff costs.