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Vista provides a range of easy-to-use booking options to increase your sales channels.

Vista Web Ticketing allows movie goers to pre-book and pay for movie tickets using the Internet. For reserved seating sessions, customers can optionally choose their seats.

Film session times can be checked, movie information is available on-line, and customers have the option of joining a film club to receive regular movie updates. All of this can be driven from your Vista database, minimising the work of maintaining your web site.

Tickets can be paid for at the time of purchase with a credit card or if preferred the operator can enable certain sites to support unpaid bookings.

Tickets are collected upon arrival at the cinema by simply swiping the customer's credit card through a card-reader at a Point of Sale or Kiosk. Alternatively, if Print@Home or mobile phone delivery is used, then customers can proceed directly to the usher station where Vista's Usher Point software can be used to validate the tickets.

Vista web ticketing features include:

  1. Multi or single site operation
  2. Anonymous or signed in sales
  3. Customer selected seating
  4. Film information, actors, directors and graphics are all driven from the database
  5. Printable film schedules
  6. If you want to build your own web site or you already have one and want to add internet ticketing, then most of Vista's web function is available as components to embed in your own development

3rd Party Sales Channels

Vista is also fully compatible with a number of dedicated movie ticketing websites. This option allows customers all the benefits of Internet ticketing, without having to create their own website. Some of the more prominent movie ticketing websites Vista currently uses are:

  1. Fandango
  2. Movietickets.com
  3. Printix

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