Sell tickets and concessions on a handheld PDA using Vista's MobilePOS.

Vista MobilePOS is run on a PDA, in wireless mode. It allows operators to work in foyers during busy times, or move beyond the cinema to approach customers in shopping malls to sell tickets.

MobilePOS supports ticket sales, ticket pickups, and concession sales.

The concessions function allows staff to take orders and deliver them to the customer in their seats. This is ideal for cinemas with "Gold Class" style theatres and cinema's supporting "seat service."

Auditing issues associated with mobile selling devices such as ice cream trays and concession trolleys are resolved with MobilePOS, due to the fact that it is essentially a lighter version of the Vista point of sale. MobilePOS retains most of the functionality of a full size point of sale, meaning that all the sales and cash processed through the PDA can be accounted for. MobilePOS is also fully integrated into Vista's cash up process.

Cinema usher staff can also use Vista Usherpoint with a PDA to scan customer entry, exit and re-entry. This is great for cinemas running Vista's Print@Home ticketing or Mobile phone ticketing.

Vista's stocktake facility on PDA allows you to record the stock counts with ease and avoids the count being incorrectly entered in Backoffice at a later stage.

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