Vista's highly advanced Loyalty System allows cinema exhibitors to connect with their customers on a more personal level

With Vista Loyalty, management of customer information is a breeze, due largely to the application being entirely web-based. Administration can be distributed within the organisation or outsourced to a third party. Multiple clubs, memberships, points, rewards, and promotional systems can all be maintained in the one application.

Specific groups can be created within your customer database, with as many definitive fields as required. For example, a list of all members who went to see King Kong, and have over 50 membership points, can be defined and extracted in minutes! Or you could create a list of all members who have spent more than $100 on food and beverages in the last year.

Loyalty information can also be exported to a number of common office tools and messaging gateways for email, Internet, POS, SMS and more.

Partner products are supported to enable co-marketing opportunities. Reward points can be redeemed at partner organisations such as bowling alleys, and reward vouchers can be produced and redeemed at other retailers and food outlets.

Vista Loyalty is tightly integrated into the Vista Point of Sale, allowing the delivery of additional customer services to Loyalty Club members. The Point of Sale can prompt POS operators with Loyalty member specific messages such as "Your Loyalty card is about to expire, would you like to apply for a new card?" Additional demographic information can also be collected at the Point of Sale, to be used for future marketing campaigns.

Vista vouchers and coupons can be used in conjunction with the Loyalty system, click here to see how Vista allows cinemas to effectively manage their vouchers and coupons.