Staff are your single biggest manageable cost in the cinema. Vista provides the tools to ensure their time is used effectively and to control the recording of staff time.

Time and Attendance

Vista's Time and Attendance system is built into the Vista Back Office software; this software tracks employee clock on and off. Managers can review the time for the shift or day, and simple control reports are produced. Daily time records are transferred to Head Office for Payroll processing. Employees can clock in and out using a variety of methods including manual PIN entry, swipe cards, and biometric ID.

Staff Scheduling

The Vista Staff Scheduling system provides an invaluable tool for efficiently scheduling employees.

Vista staff management features include:

  1. Dramatically reduce the time and cost required to develop a roster.
  2. Produces cost efficient rosters without a decline in service levels
  3. Unlimited scheduling sites with a head office component if required
  4. Multiple workplace agreements supported
  5. Best fit suggestions to produce optimised rosters
  6. Complete roster reports including roster posting sheets and roster changes
  7. Web posting of rosters
  8. Supports public holidays
  9. Computer generated SMS alerts to fill urgent shift requests
  10. Provides time and attendance data that can be used for other applications e.g. timesheet reporting and payrolls

For more information on the Vista Staff Scheduling module, and the Vista Staff Management system in general, please click here to request the product information sheet.