Vouchers and Coupons are like cash, unfortunately the control of them isn't always as easy, which is where the Vista Vouchers and Coupons Control module can help.

Vista Voucher Control provides complete end to end control for all your Voucher management processes.

Vista voucher control features include:

  1. Control of ordering vouchers from suppliers
  2. Receiving new vouchers from suppliers
  3. Transferring the vouchers to cinema sites
  4. Barcode scanning when sold at Point of Sale
  5. Barcode scanning when redeemed at Point of Sale
  6. Real time rules applied to verify redemptions
  7. Sales and redemptions are passed back to a central database
  8. Voucher stock at all locations is controlled
  9. Accounting reports including accruals for outstanding vouchers are produced

The Vista Voucher and Coupon Control Module integrates with the Vista Head Office module; see how Vista Film Programming also integrates with Head Office.