Vista Head Office links all your sites to a central database providing circuit wide information and control.

Vista Head Office provides many functions to streamline the management and reporting of your cinemas.

  1. Film and program information can be prepared centrally and sent to the cinema
  2. Control concession prices, costs and codes centrally
  3. Manage concession promotions centrally
  4. Calculate film rentals from across the circuit in one central film rental database
  5. Web based reporting from Vista's unique InfoWorks product that provides many views of the circuit data. Customers can build their own online web reports
  6. Post to accounting systems directly from the Head Office systems

With Vista Head Office you can automatically transfer information in near 'real time' from the cinema to your head office, such as:

  1. Box office sales
  2. Vouchers and coupon sales
  3. Concessions sales
  4. Concessions receipts
  5. Staff time
  6. Loyalty club transactions

Take a closer look at one of the key Head Office modules, Vista Loyalty.