Save time by integrating your sign control system into your box office system, while providing your customers with a visual array of trailers, advertising, show times and more.

Vista Signage can be used to control all of your cinema signage; two major output forms are supported - LED, and Plasma...

Vista LED features include:

  1. Foyer Panels
  2. External Marquee boards
  3. Single and multiple line displays above auditorium doors
  4. Custom messages
  5. Supports LED panel boards of ANY size

Vista plasma features include:

  1. Compatible for both TV monitors and plasma screen TVs
  2. User customisable templates
  3. Unique playlists for each monitor
  4. Seating layouts can be displayed
  5. Showtimes, film images, trailers, advertising can all be displayed
  6. Direct showtimes for certain times to specific monitors
  7. Pre-programmed plasma content schedules set up in advance to allow you to tailor your trailers and advertising to the time of day they are displayed
  8. Up-to-date concessions prices, generated from your Vista database providing for dynamic menu boards

All sign types are tightly integrated into the Vista database and are updated in real time with no intervention required by staff.

See how Vista Usher Point can help speed up your box office queues during the busy periods.